3 Somewhat Crazy Predictions for 2019 (WWE Edition)

2018 was a poor year for WWE, however, I don’t want to dwell on the past too much as nothing can be changed. Let’s look ahead. 2019. Here are 3 predictions for 2019!

3. Undisputed Era vs The Shield

Even though Dean Ambrose is currently a heel, I guarantee that he’ll turn face by the end of this year. He’ll reunite The Shield when Roman Reigns returns, and at either TLC or Hell in a Cell, these two factions will face off in a classic. Undisputed Era are bound to be promoted or demoted (however you look at it) to the main roster this year and a good way to stamp their authority around WWE is by making them beat a credible faction in The Shield. If this doesn’t happen I’ll be shocked!

2. Vince Hangs Up the Boots!

This one is a bit more out there in my opinion, as Vince has given no hints that he’s leaving his beloved baby behind. Especially with this “new era”, it may seem even more unlikely that he’s stepping down. But mark my words, This year is his last. Triple H already has the foundation covered up with NXT, 205 Live and reportedly Smackdown. Only Raw is left in the hands of Vince and it seems like this is the year it all may fade away for Vince.

1. Velveteen Dream becomes WWE Champion

What? You can’t be serious! Well, I am. I think Dream is firstly going to make a shock appearance at the Royal Rumble. Have a great showing there. Go to Smackdown and eventually win the title this year. Thank me later!

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