Wasted Talent in WWE #11

Long time since I’ve done this. However, I’m back! It’s Christmas Eve and I feel like I need to treat you guys with a Wasted Talent in WWE so let’s do it!

When finding out SANITY got called up to the main roster I was ecstatic. I instantly thought of the great feuds they could have with The New Day, The Bar and The Usos. However, since they’ve been promoted to the main roster what have they done? On the top of my head, I can think of their feud with New Day, but I’m not even sure they had a PPV match. 

SANITY has been the worst NXT call-up this year no doubt. You may ask “What about No Way Jose?” My response to that question is, There was No Way, Jose (pun intended) was going to make it far in WWE. He’s a carbon copy of Adam Rose and I haven’t heard about that guy in years. SANITY actually had the potential to change the landscape of WWE. 

I don’t see why Nikki Cross was left behind in NXT as well. She was brilliant in her role and was, in my opinion, the craziest member of the stable. I hope when she’s called up she reunites with SANITY as she was a joy to watch. Yet, she did show that she can do well by herself. Her feud with Shayna Baszler this year was brilliant and the storytelling in that match was beautiful. Anyway, that’s enough of the history, let’s plan the future.

Normally, I can think of an exciting way to save wrestlers careers but today. I’m seriously struggling. SANITY has rarely featured on Smackdown so I don’t even know if they are heels or faces. I’m going to assume heels because they feuded with New Day who are faces.

Win matches. They need to go on a constant attacking streak. Causing chaos. Which is supposed to be their gimmick. They attack everyone from behind on a week to week basis apart from The Bar. Usos, New Day, The Club. They work anonymously however because they cause chaos wherever they go they leave trails of evidence to say that it is them. The first week could be subtle then it gets more blatant when they attack The Club. The Smackdown after the Royal Rumble. It’s revealed that it’s SANITY. As Nikki Cross’ leather jacket is found lying backstage. This leads to an Elimination Chamber Tag Team Match at Elimination Chamber (obviously). SANITY eliminate New Day, The Usos and The Bludgeon Brothers ( who have just returned from injury). This will present them as credible title holders. However, they are eliminated by The Bar in the final three. The team of Shane Mcmahon and the Miz lose to The Bar due to miscommunication.

This leads to their dispersion and their match at Wrestlemania. Sheamus and Cesaro cut a promo on how they’ve beaten everyone so they’ll take Fastlane and Wrestlemania off. However, Shane Mcmahon makes sure that at Fastlane there’ll be a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match where it will be The Usos vs New Day vs The Club vs SANITY for the no.1 contender’s match for the championships. SANITY win due to Nikki Cross antics and become the No.1 contenders. 

In the run-up to their match with The Bar. SANITY try and cause chaos and make the match extreme rules, yet The Bar want to keep it traditional as that’s where they thrive. SANITY manipulate the Bar into having an Extreme Rules match. 

At Wrestlemania SANITY make things chaotic. They break tables,  chairs and bring out pin tacs which Cesaro takes to his back. SANITY win the match and become Tag Team Champions!


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