Why If I was a Wrestler I’d never join WWE

Indie wrestling is great, and if you are looking for success in the WWE, I’d start my career making a name on the indies, however, personally I’d never go to WWE as a wrestler at this moment in time. You want to know why? Here’s why!

1. Less freedom

In terms of promos you’re less free to say what you want and personalise it to make it sound good. In WWE your given a script and you have to remember it. This can hamper wrestlers as they are not free to express their character, yet they have to keep thinking, “what’s my next line.” I believe that if the wrestlers were given a certain topic to talk about and then they cover those in their promos it comes off more natural. There are only a few superstars that get this treatment and personally, I don’t think it’s fair. You never know, the likes of Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns could be better at promos than they are if they came across more natural. For example, when building up to their match at No Mercy, Reigns hit Cena with some nice shots, even though John Cena schooled Reigns in this affair, Reigns came off natural and it wasn’t like he was being force fed the words to say.

2. Characters not working from NXT to the Main Roster

A prime example of this is Bayley, she was successful in NXT. She had brilliant matches consistently over 2015 and 16 making her one of the most loveable characters in NXT, however on the main roster, things haven’t worked out for her. Of course the audience is different, however when she was promoted to the main roster, the pop she got was extraordinary so they must’ve known her character from NXT. So what’s the problem? The way she was booked! She was booked to act like a child in and outside the ring. They even had the audacity to make her be afraid to hurt her opponents. What the hell! The whole point of wrestling is to hurt your opposition for goodness sake! On the other hand, this has worked for the likes of Carmella and Alexa Bliss who both weren’t good on NXT and have both shone on the main roster.

3. Quality of wrestling

On the main roster, the quality of wrestling is atrocious to be honest. If I was a wrestler I’d want to enjoy being in good, fun matches every time I step in the ring. I’d want every match to have twists and turns. I wouldn’t want to be in five minute matches on Raw with no time to whip up anything creative. I also wouldn’t want to have the same format of match every week. As in: face wrestler starts off strong, heel does a dirty move to gain control, heel controls match, for 3-5 minutes, ad break somewhere in the 3-5 minutes of heel dominance, the face comes back, face comeback moves, then after this anything else happens until the finish. It’s so predictable now at days it gets annoying. As HHH said in 2014 “adapt or perish” and it seems like WWE are failing to adapt.

Let me know what you think. I’m thinking of doing the opposite later on, maybe next week Sunday, I’m not sure. Like if you enjoyed, follow me on twitter to know when I post @bfalase.

Have a great evening!

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2 replies on “Why If I was a Wrestler I’d never join WWE”

Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
Although I agree with your points I guess the benefits outweighs the issues you mention.

Some times you need to risk too much on the indies to make a name for yourself. Too much blood, weapons and insane jumps for almost nothing. Granted this has been changing lately.

Personally o would aim for NxT and most likely stay there.


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