The Worst Raw Ever?!

I was going to write about how good Smackdown 1000 but then I started thinking about how bad Raw was on Monday so it was one of the two and I picked Raw. However, before I get into grilling Raw. Smackdown was great especially Mysterio vs Nakamura. I’d love to see them battle for the US Championship on PPV.  Also, it seems like we are getting Batista vs HHH, however, I’ll write about my feelings about that soon. Anyway, let’s get into a quick Raw review.

Raw was bad. Like, seriously bad. I’d rate the show 0.5/5 no joke. The same superstars for 75% of the show every week! I’m happy they split up that stupid “pack” group. Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus,( I’m trying my best not to swear here,) but it was that bad.

1. I don’t want to see DX vs Brothers of Destruction

bod vs dx double chokeslam

I don’t give a damn if it’s two of the greatest teams of all time. Get over it. They’re all old and washed and that’s the truth. When HHH and Taker took on each other at Super Showdown it was hot garbage. At the end of the match, they were both panting for air out of their tired and weak bodies. I did a post on how WWE should stop Nostalgia around a year ago that’ll tell you most of my thoughts on this feud. (I’m saying this because I’m scared for all 4 men’s health and well being by the way)

2. Angle vs Corbin

el conquistador vs aop

What the heck is this! If Angle is back from his holiday then surely he has his role back as Raw General Manager. So why is Corbin demanding Angle to participate in matches? I’m soooo confused. Also, Angle needs to stop that dumb dance as well. And poor AOP they have been treated like trash since being called up from NXT, shame to be honest.

3. The Shield and Pack business

shield and pack

I know it’s over and I’m hoping McIntyre gets his push now but I guarantee next week these six men will take up the 75% of the show. Why can’t there simply be a clear-cut division between the main event and the mid-carders instead of mixing the two?! Also, end the Shield. I used to love them now I loathe them more than I loathed Jinder Mahal’s sudden rise to the top of WWE. I know this won’t happen as WWE is all about that paper but the Shield isn’t as good as it was back in 2013 and 14. The ratings show it all to be honest.

It felt good that on my chest. Leave a like if you enjoyed me releasing my anger about Raw. Follow me on twitter @bfalase to be notified when I post!

Have a nice day and see you on Sunday!

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