Why WWE Should Bring Back the World Heavyweight Championship

First of all, before we get into this blog, where have I been? Well, school has just started again and I needed to focus as this is the year of my GCSE’s, which is the UK equivalent to a high school diploma in the USA.

Anyway, I’m back and I’ve found a way to balance my studying and blogging. The plan is for me to blog twice a week, on a Wednesday and Sunday. However, if I cannot release a blog on the Wednesday for any reason, There should be a blog up on Sunday without fail and vice versa. Without further ado, let’s get back to why the World Heavyweight Championship should return over the Universal Championship.

1. Looks

universal championship

We start off with the most obvious reason, the looks. The Universal Championship is one of the worst looking championships I’ve ever seen in my 15 years and 11 months of existence. It looks like a toy rather than a championship. The World Heavyweight Championship looked prestigious, important and valuable. Now we have this piece of crap that looks like hartley’s strawberry jam.

2. Value


The World Heavyweight Championship was treated like an honour to hold, the likes of Batista, Triple H and Edge made that Championship worth something even in times where WWE was going through some rough patches. The Universal Championship was treated as a joke for over a year because of Brock Lesnar and to be honest as much as I love Kevin Owens his reign as champion was trash and so was the legendary Goldberg’s reign with the belt. Everyone knows Roman Reigns isn’t my favourite wrestler, however, I still believe he can make the championship feel like it has some value, I guess we’ll wait and see.

3. Bring back old fans

wwe ratings

The last couple of months Raw’s ratings and TV views have completely gone down the toilet. Maybe the reinstallment of the WHC could bring back some old timers and give them a bit of nostalgia and maybe make them start to watch again. Because even myself, as much as I love WWE, I’ve been thinking of cancelling my Network subscription and maybe just watching NJPW, Lucha Underground and ROH but NXT always makes me want to keep my subscription because it’s sooo good.

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2 replies on “Why WWE Should Bring Back the World Heavyweight Championship”

Agree with so much of what you say. I’ve been watching WWE almost 30 years and the title not only looks terrible, as you said, but also seems to reward terrible wrestlers like Brock and in my opinion Roman Reigns. If you look back to the WWF belt in the 90’s (yeah I know i’m old) that really looked presigious and was held by the likes of Taker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H to name but a few and it really meant something. Braun will be dropping his title to Roman once he returns. Thats a foregone conclusion. I haven’t got a problem with Drew as champ for the moment. I have never signed up to the WWE Network as it did not seem worth the money for a UK resident but times are changing. AEW is becoming a real force and really enjoy their product. I think the Stadium Match from Double or Nothing was one of the most inventive matches of recent years and well done Chris Jericho, he also designed the Money In The Bank matches. Best of luck with your GCSE studies.


Thanks, I’ve completed my GCSE’s last year and I’ve just finished my 1st year of A-Levels. I 100% agree as soon as he’s ready to come back Roman is taking the title unfortunately. I’m pretty sure the original plan was for him to win it a WM36 but obviously COVID took over. I absolutely loved that Stadium Stampede Match and I think it shows that AEW are with the times and know what their fans want in a wrestling show and even in out of ring segments as well. Even WWE’s main roster ratings are dropping at a fast rate. I won’t be surprised if aew and NXT catchup in the next few years.


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