Should we just cheer Roman Reigns?

Yes, I’m one of the many people that gets extremely irritated when I see Roman Reigns on 3 or more segments or more, however, should we as fans cut our losses and give WWE what they want.

No matter what people say Roman is a good wrestler. Matches such as his match against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane 2015 and both his matches against Aj Styles has shown he can go toe to toe with some of the best in the world.

reigns vs styles

Although his promos are poor and phrases like ‘suffering succotash’ will probably define his career, Roman was given those lines to say by Vince McMahon so it’s not his fault. The real problem is that Roman is portrayed as the new John Cena. Fans have had enough of the superhero persona and they need something fresh. Nevertheless, even if WWE change Roman’s character, the fans will probably not buy into it because it’s Roman Reigns.

reigns sufferin succotash

I’ve had enough of Lesnar’s title run and if WWE want to push Roman they should just do it now because the Universal Championship is irrlevant because the freaking CHAMPION DOESN’T BOTHER TO SHOW UP!

Image result for brock lesnar

Now this brings us back to the original question. And the answer in my opinion is … yes. Roman is a good wrestler and if he goes back to the badass he was like in the SHIELD we should all support him so WWE pull the trigger with him winning the Universal Championship.

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One reply on “Should we just cheer Roman Reigns?”

The way I see it, it’ll never work out. Is not like he haven’t had the belt already. What makes you think that nk it’ll be any different?

I do agree I prefer the belt on him than Brock. I find both equally boring but at least Roman is there on a weekly basis.


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