Wasted Talent in WWE #7

The Raw tag team division is currently at an all-time low and there is a team of ‘top guys’ that are being treated like a team of jobbers currently and they are called The Revival.

the revival

The Revival was a top heel team in NXT where they held the Tag Team Championships twice. They’ve main evented pay per views and had classic matches along the way. However, when they were finally promoted to the main roster, where they had an impressive debut beating The New Day, Scott Dawson got injured. This put the team off TV for months and when they returned from injury they were treated like jobbers.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have been in a constant feud with The Good Brothers, however, they’ve only faced each other on free TV and neither team has gained any momentum over this rivalry as there has been no story behind the feud.

So, the question is how can they be saved? Firstly, WWE has to let them win. They need momentum so the fans can have a reason to believe that they are a danger in the Tag division. Secondly, they need to be allowed to have good matches. This is because we know what they’re capable of. They had the match of the year two years ago against #DIY and an amazing triple threat with #DIY and The Authors of Pain.

diy vs aop vs revival

The Revival need to move to Smackdown. I think this because The Woken Family are more likely to win the opportunity to face The Bar. However, I think that The Authors of Pain will intervene putting themselves in the title match. On Smackdown they should attack everyone apart from The Bludgeon Brothers. This’ll imply that the tag champions are to be feared. However, they constantly run into the champions though and eventually, The Revival build up enough confidence to attack the Bludgeon Brothers from behind. However, this is shaken off by Harper and Rowan and they chase the Revival off.

The next week Dawson and Wilder cut a promo about them being the best Tag Team in WWE. This causes Harper and Rowan to come out and the Revival to scurry off before they can get in the ring.

The Bludgeon Brothers come out the next week in a backstage interview asking if The Revival want a match. The Revival reply later on in the evening with “I mean, a match for the Tag Team belts would be nice but you don’t have to.” this suggests that they aren’t sure if they want the match with the Brothers showing their prowess.

the bludgeon brothers

The Next week at Money in the Bank the two teams have a match where the Bludgeon Brothers dominate however The Revival work on the legs of both Brothers and manipulate there way during the match to attempt to steal the belts from the Bludgeon Brothers. However, the match comes to an end when the Brothers hit their finisher on Wilder for the retention of the belts.

This makes the Revival mad and they now no longer fear Harper and Rowan and they are completely focused on the championships. Even though The Bludgeon Brothers try and intimidate them with their hammers and their presence, The Revival isn’t afraid because they took them to the limit at Money in the Bank. At Extreme Rules, The Revival reverse the finisher of Harper and Rowan in a twenty minute no holds barred match into a shatter machine and become the Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

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