The Night of Returns and Debuts

The Raw after Wrestlemania is always a night of returns of former starts returning after an absence from WWE and for some NXT talent to come up and show there worth.


No Way Jose

No Way Jose debuted against John Skyler. Let’s be honest Jose will end up being a jobber. With his gimmick, he’s just a mix between Carlito and Adam Rose and in a month or so he’ll be jobbing with the likes of Curt Hawkins. If he makes it far with his partying character I’ll be in shock.

Ember Moon

I knew this one was going to happen. However, I thought she’d debut at Wrestlemania in the Battle Royale. I’m excited that she debuted, but if she’s just going to be Nia Jax’s friend, I’d rather see her stay in NXT. Maybe, a heel turn down the line. As I’ve said before, her entrance and her appearance could work perfectly with a heel character. If WWE plays their cards correctly, Moon could be a great addition to the Women’s Evolution.

ember moon 2.0

Authors of Pain

aop debut

Another one I was expecting, They entered the tag team division with a two-minute win against Heath Slater and Rhyno. However, after the match when walking back up the ramp, Akam and Rezar stopped their manager, Paul Ellering from walking with them. Later in a backstage interview, Akam and Rezar said: “Paul you chapter is over.” As much I enjoyed this, it should’ve happened later after they won the Tag Team Championships.


Somoa Joe

somoa joe raw fter mania

My favourite main roster superstar is back. Joe after a long injury has returned and he’s here for Roman Reigns. The fans were extremely excited about Joe’s return, and every time he spoke they cheered and when Reigns spoke the crowd booed. Great promo from Joe, I hope he defeats Reigns and goes on to face Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

Jeff Hardy

jeff hardy return

Hardy returned after an injury to help Seth Rollins and Finn Balor to fend off The Miz and The Miztourage. I’m not sure if I like this but we all knew it was going to happen. Maybe he’ll move to Smackdown and challenge for the title over there ( they might switch brands for the superstar shake-up) and on Raw, he’ll be Brother Nero. That could be interesting and it would be great seeing the same person have two characters.

Bobby Lashley

bobby lashley return

Probably, the biggest debut or return of the night Bobby Lashley returned and took out Elias. In an interview after, Lashley said he was after the men that were put in dream matches with him. I can’t wait for Lashley vs Lesnar or Lashley vs Joe or even better Lashley vs Strowman. I think I’m turning into Vince McMahon in craving all these big sweaty matches! Let’s see how far this can go

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