My Favourite Wrestlemania Match

Sting vs Triple H – Wrestlemania 31

The quality of wrestling wasn’t as good as it may have been if it happened 15 years ago. Nevertheless, this was still a fun match to watch with many returning legends such as the NWO and DX. It was also well built up with Sting causing the authority to lose their jobs at Survivor Series. First of all the entrances were great. Especially Triple H’s. He had his own robot army surrounding him raised on a pedestal. He even got Arnold Schwarzeneggerer involved. I absolutely loved it. When they stared off I got goosebumps. Sting got the early advantage with a shoulder tackle. Then Triple H hit him with a shoulder tackle and however Sting got straight up and gave him a dropkick. This obviously sparked some you still got it chants from the crowd. After a couple of minutes Sting no-sold HHH’s patented knee. As a result, HHH got angry and ran after Sting, however, Sting caught him off guard and attempted the Scorpion Death Lock yet HHH escaped.

HHH re-assessed himself but Sting threw him out of the ring. However, this time he gave the ‘King of Kings’ to think and attempted a Stinger Splash yet HHH moved out of the way. This was the momentum shift in the match. Hunter threw Sting into steel steps and HHH dominated for the next few minutes punishing Sting. Sting attempted to fight back but HHH hit a Spinebuster. Sting kicked out at two though. After HHH attempted a move off the middle rope Sting caught his leg and locked in the Scorpion Death Lock. This caused DX to come out and attack Sting, despite this Sting fought them off. Triple H was lying in wait for Sting to turn around and he tried to hit the Pedigree, yet Sting reversed and sent him flying over the top rope. Then Sting climbed to the top rope and Crossbodied HHH, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg. Sting threw HHH back in the ring but Billy Gunn distracted Sting again and this time Triple H hit the Pedigree. Somehow, Sting kicked out. Triple H was shocked that the veteran kicked out. So he rolled outside the ring and brought out his calling card. The Sledgehammer.

All of a sudden, the NWO come out and DX brawl on the entrance ramp and the NWO come out on top. Hulk Hogan does the “suck it” sign to HHH and from behind Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop but HHH kicked out. So, Sting went for the Death Lock again. Triple H tried to crawl for The Sledgehammer but before he could reach Hogan grabbed it. Then DX and NWO took each other out at ringside. Meanwhile, in the ring, HHH was still in the Deathlock but he made it to the bottom rope and Sting broke the hold even though it was a no disqualification match. Sting went for it again, though Shawn Michaels came out of nowhere and hit a Sweet-Chin Music on Sting. The last member of DX thought he’d won HHH the match but Sting kicked out again. Billy Gunn handed the Sledgehammer to Triple H. However, Scott Hall from NWO handed Sting his patented Baseball Bat. Sting hit the bat to the mid-section of HHH. Then he smashed the Sledgehammer in two. Sting dropped the bat and gave Hunter many rights, lefts and kicks in the corner. To follow this up he hit the Stinger Splash in the corner. However, Sting still went to the well one too many times as HHH picked the top of the Hammer and hit Sting in the skull. He went for the cover and 1,2,3. Triple H won.

This match was great because this feud that should’ve happened over 20+ years ago happened in modern day WWE.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

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