Wasted Talent in WWE #6

Becky Lynch is the second female being featured in this series and it’s sad to see her in this series as well. I hate the fact that after losing her Smackdown Women’s Championship back in 2016 to Alexa Bliss, she has done absolutely nothing since. She’s been a complete afterthought and a sidekick to Charlotte Flair alongside Naomi, another former Champion that has done nothing for a bit of time as well.

Reportedly, Vince McMahon believes that Becky is a great talent and likes her ring work however he hates her ACCENT! Yes, you read that correctly her accent. So you’re telling me that the reason you don’t want to push Becky is because of her accent. Come on WWE. That’s absurd!

Even if you don’t like the Irish accent you could give her a mouthpiece. Brock Lesnar has Paul Heyman and Cesaro had Zeb Colter back in 2014 so why can’t it work with Becky. Becky is the only one of the four horsewomen that doesn’t have a proper feud going into this Sunday’s Wrestlemania. Even though they’re both in the Women’s battle royale, Sasha Banks and Bayley have a potential feud of the year, if WWE plays their cards right.

I said this before and I’ll say it again turn Becky heel. It might not work but it’s worth the try. No one is invested in her character. She’s stale, and she’s not getting anywhere near a championship match anytime soon.

WWE should book her to win the Battle Royale and in the process, she should eliminate Naomi. This should cause a bit of tension between the two friends eventually after a month of Becky teasing a heel turn. Then she loses it after a loss in a tag match to the Riott Squad. Lynch dismantles Naomi. She should break her arm in the disarmer and slam her through a table using the Bexplex.

Over the next weeks, Becky is asked constantly asked why she attacked Naomi but she doesn’t say anything. On the Smackdown before Backlash, Lynch comes out with Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman cuts a promo saying how he told Lynch that being all nice will never help you in the WWE. At Backlash, Lynch attacks Asuka and Charlotte for their rematch from Wrestlemania. She breaks Charlotte’s arm and Bexplexes Asuka into the steel steps, staking her claim for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Heyman continues to do her promos and she continues to beat all babyfaces that come to her throne.

Then Naomi returns to attack Lynch but after a distraction from Heyman, Lynch takes over to attempt to break her arm again but Asuka saves her and Lynch scurries off. On the penultimate Smackdown to Money in the Bank, Naomi cuts a promo pondering why Lynch changed her character and what happened to the Becky Lynch she knew. Then she goes on to say she challenges her to a match at Extreme Rules and the winner faces Asuka for the Smackdown Womens’ Championship at Summerslam. Lynch comes out to reply yes and she says ” You’ll know why I changed my attitude when I beat Asuka at Summerslam.”

At Extreme Rules, Lynch obviously wins however after the match she attacks Naomi and tries to break her arm again but again Asuka is there to save her. Unfortunately for Lynch, Charlotte returns on Smackdown and she’ll confront Lynch after costing her the Championship. She asks the general manager (probably Hulk Hogan) if she can join the match and after some thought, he says yes. This goes into a triple threat match where Becky will get screwed out of the Championship because of a ref bump and even with all of Heyman’s antics she still can’t weasel a win. Asuka retains the belt by forcing Charlotte to tap.

Lynch wants the streak now because Asuka continues to gloat about it and she’s lost it. She is adamant that she is better than Asuka and she can beat her and end her undefeated streak and she’ll do anything to break it. So at Hell in a Cell, Asuka asks Lynch for a Hell in a Cell match where after weapons, table spots, jumping from the cell. Lynch does it. Lynch beats the streak by forcing Asuka to tap to the disarmer making her the only Woman to beat Asuka in the WWE.

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Sad but true. Another reason I get mad with the attention Azuka and now Rosey get on top of the rest of the division.


I wish Bliss keeps the belt but whoever is facing Rouse y it’ll be yet another train wreck.


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