How WWE Should Book Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens

He’s Back!! Yes! Yes!Yes! Daniel Bryan has medically cleared to wrestle again, and I can’t wait to see him in full action again.

So supposing Bryan is back full time, I’ve made his route to being back on top of the world again, Hopefully, he’s back full time and we can see him put on some wrestling clinic’s with the new breed of indie scene wrestler’s

After Kevin Owens’ and Sami Zayn’s attack on Bryan on Tuesday, reports come out from saying,”Daniel Bryan after just announcing his return to wrestling has unfortunately broken his scapula causing to be out the foreseeable future.” This article shouldn’t have a specific length of time so it keeps the audience in the dark for the date his return.

This coming Tuesday on Smackdown, Shane McMahon has to cut his leave of absence as of Owens and Zayn’s actions last Smackdown. He addresses the crowd on Bryan’s return before gloating about how he was right about Zayn and Owens. Somehow, while McMahon continues to gloat, Zayn and Owens sneak through the crowd and climb into ringside. They circle McMahon and security come out to take them away before they can attack the Commissioner of Smackdown Live.

The next week the two troublemakers find themselves in the city that WWE is in, but this time they sneak in backstage with other people’s identity and get backstage. They tear apart Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode and many others including refs backstage until they find Shane’s office. However, Shane knows they’re coming (due to him watching the show) and has security behind the door waiting for Kevin and Sami to open it.

When they do, they try and fight off security but they eventually get thrown out of the building. To follow this the security doesn’t do their job properly and they throw them to the parking lot where the production truck is. They interrogate the truck and they break everything. As they leave, Shane comes to confront them. They ask for their jobs back and state the fact that they’ll find a way to ruin Shane’s show if they don’t get their way.

Shane is forced to give in as he sees how his the staff are complaining about how they are being treated. Shane then says, ” On one technicality, You two face me and a partner at Wrestlemania this Sunday.

The next day before NXT Tye Dillinger put out tweets saying he wanted to join Shane to defeat Zayn and Owens. However, Shane refused, saying he needed someone else who had more hatred against them. Thursday, Roode steps up to say he’ll double duty at Mania with his US title match and the tag match. Shane again refuses.

We go into Wrestlemania day and Shane has no partner. The crowd all expect Daniel Bryan to come out but, instead of his music hitting, there’s a record scratch and Dolph Ziggler comes out to a chorus of boos. Everyone in the ring is confused the commentators are confused. Then all of a sudden Daniel Bryan music hits and he shrugs at Ziggler, as he’s perplexed how Bryan made it to Mania.

Bryan and McMahon come out victorious in with Bryan getting the pinfall over Zayn.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

I talk and rant about Wrestling and MMA
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