Wrestlers that could do with a character change after Wrestlemania 34

Rusev and Aiden English

This one is the obvious one. So let’s get it out of the way. Over the last months, Rusev has been the most over WWE superstar by far. His Rusev day gimmick with Aiden English singing by his side is class. However, for some reason, he’s a heel. The fans love them and treat them like faces, even if they slag off their city, they’ll still be cheered. Sooner or later you’ll have to do it, as the same happened with your current WWE champion, Aj Styles where they were forced to do it.

Happy Rusev Day!!

Dean Ambrose

Rumours have it that Ambrose won’t be back until August this year, but I can see him return sooner than that. I think he’ll turn heel after Seth Rollins eventually wins the Universal Championship or when he’s in a Universal Championship match in the near future. Anyway, Ambrose’s character went stale before he got injured and I think he needs a bit of a character switch as I think he’s a much better heel than he is a face. Hopefully, Ambrose can have a speedy recovery like Seth did back in 2016 and come back and do what Rollins did to Roman Reigns to Rollins.

The Balor Club

The Balor Club is in desperate need of a character change I cant tell if they are heels or faces. Finn is always smiling. While Anderson and Gallows are about being mean and making green. They should turn heel after Mania as they could take over the Raw tag division and make it as good as Smackdowns. I think they are not as respected as they were In Japan where they Kings in the Bullet Club and the main attraction.

Becky Lynch

Becky was great, but now she’s an afterthought and shes in need of a new challenge, a new character. I don’t know if a heel turn would work but its worth the risk. Look at Sami Zayn it clearly worked for him and it could work for Becky too. Just give her time and she might be a great heel and it might turn out to be a risk worth taking.

Ember Moon

Moon is another weird one. She’s a great wrestler and a great face. However he attire, character and entrance can make her the perfect heel. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve lost interest in the NXT Women’s division. As it’s gotten a bit stale with them doing Shayna beating up someone and Ember or Kairi Sane coming to the rescue. Or something similar to that. With a Moon heel turn, I feel like I can reinvest in the division as there is something new, something peculiar about it.

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