Is WWE Getting Boring?

I love wrestling and I watch wrestling everyday. However, the biggest wrestling promotion, WWE, for me is starting to get boring.

I think we should start from the matches. Firstly, apart from your main events, and multi-man matches, most WWE matches are boring and have the same pattern to it. I’ll go through it right now. Babyfaces start out on top for the first couple of minutes until the heel hits a move that stops all the babyfaces momentum. Then they’ll go to an advert break. After this ad break, they’ll come back on air with the heel dominating, so they look strong. The heel will dominate for another 5 minutes before the face escapes a headlock and regains their momentum, hitting a few moves which may include a lariat and one of their signature move. To follow this some shenanigans may occur, with a ref getting in the way or outside interference causing the heel to win. Or the heel hitting his signature move, which the face kicks out of. This gets the heel mad so they set up for their finisher. which the face reverses and hits his finisher to win.

When I watched Fastlane on Sunday, practically every match had that same boring outline. The Women’s Championship match between Charlotte Flair and Ruby Riott had this exact outline. Roode vs Orton was similar as well. The Women’s Tag match was so uninteresting because as the match went on I was predicting everything that happened.

Do something different for goodness sakes!! I was watching the Cruiserweight Classic a couple of weeks ago and I was mesmerized by practically every single match because it was fast-paced action with a mix of technical brilliance. And let’s be honest about this before Triple H took over the Cruiserweights, the division has gotten much more interesting.

So the question is… Is Vince McMahon the reason that WWE is getting boring.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

I talk and rant about Wrestling and MMA
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