Wasted Talent in WWE #5

Finn Balor is one of the best wrestlers in the world, however, he is not a priority for WWE which is surprising because he was the inaugural Universal Champion. So, the real question is why don’t WWE push him.

There are many rumours saying that WWE had plans to have Finn have his rematch for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble in January. However, WWE changed their minds because Finn wasn’t over enough. However, the reason Finn wasn’t over was because of the way you booked him. You put him useless feuds like the Bray Wyatt feud. You could’ve slotted him in a match with Lesnar during the 3 months you had him feuding with Wyatt.

The thing that confuses the most is that when Finn came back from his injury that cost him the Universal Championship, it was Wrestlemania season and Lesnar was locked in a feud with Goldberg, so I understand he couldn’t get in a match with him then, however, they could’ve made him pursue the Championship he never lost after. Even if he lost he would’ve still got his rematch. Or does the rematch clause doesn’t exist with the Universal Championship because no one has got a rematch after losing it? Balor, Owens and Goldberg did not have a rematch. Anyway, this is not about this is not about the Universal Championship, this is about Finn Balor. So how do we get Finn back on track?

I think he should stay on Raw, there’s no need for him to move. I believe, after Wrestlemania, he should challenge SETH ROLLINS. Yes, you read that correctly. Seth Rollins. We all know Roman Reigns is going to beat Lesnar at Mania. The Raw after Mania, Lesnar announces he’s leaving WWE. So later on in the show Seth Rollins who was screwed out of the Intercontinental Championship win because of the Miztourage, is irate and comes out looking for a fight, and Finn Balor comes out. He was also in that match with for the IC championship and they have a stare down. Then Roman Reigns’ music hits. The crowd boos. Roman challenges one of the two to face him at Backlash as Lesnar left, so in the coming weeks Seth and Finn face off in a 30-minute match to determine the number one contender with Seth coming out on top. This solidifies Seth as ‘Mr Monday Night Rollins’. Secondly, we have the rematch from Money in the Bank 2016 we never got.

So at Backlash, Seth wins clean and takes the title off Roman so we can get him off the main title picture as quickly as possible. And due to the fact that a Universal Championship rematch doesn’t exist. Roman can feud someone else. So, Seth goes on a tangent saying he’s the man, Mr Monday Night etc. Then Balor music hits and comes out with TheGood Brothers. They walk to the ring surrounding Rollins. Rollins squares up, ready to fend them off. However, they sign to him to relax. So he does. All Balor does is tap the Championship and walks away. The next week, Rollins has a match with Elias. Towards the end match, Balor comes out distracting Rollins. So Elias goes for a roll-up which gives him an upset win over the champ. Seth argues with Balor in the ring and Balor shrugs his shoulders and leaves the ring smiling. The next week Rollins calls out Balor to a match at Money in the Bank, as he can tell what Balor has been implying for the last couple of weeks.

We have a contract signing where Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacks Rollins from behind. The next week is the week of the Money in the Bank where after a hellacious 30-minute match ladder match Finn Balor hits Rollins with a Coup de Grace from the top of the ladder through the announce table. Finn then climbs up the ladder to claim the Universal Championship.

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7 replies on “Wasted Talent in WWE #5”

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Personally I’m not a big Finn fan. He’s good but not good enough for main event. His finisher is weak and a permanent injury just waiting to happen.

I don’t think hell be over ever. He had his chance and the injury took it away.

Some would say Vince is just not into him maybe as last resort.

Your plan with Seth might work. He would fit in the mid card for sure.


Still I believe he should stay in the mid card.

I could see someone like Ricochet in the main event picture. He has way more strength. Finn is barely above a Cruiserweight.


Ricochet is a class wrestler i first saw him in the pro wrestling world cup and i was mesmerized by his strength and high flying ability. He kinda reminds me of a Seth Rollins but i think hes even stronger


I have been in the audience when people (including myself) were doing the arm movements along with Finn’s entrance. They want to get behind him. He’s been allowed to show more emotion and character since teaming with the Good Brothers. I wonder if he shouldn’t try harder to make 1916 a thing or do another non-ankle shattering move off of the top since the dropkick into the corner is so fun. I hope he gets a good push soon. Everything will be a little different when Lesnar bails again after Wrestlemania.


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