Wasted Talent in WWE #4

This is the first woman to be featured on this series. Dana Brooke. Currently part of Titus Worldwide, Dana Brooke is one of the most talented wrestlers have right now. However, the former gymnast has been a lackey to Charlotte when she was the Raw Women’s champion and been a stats manager for the jobber group Titus Worldwide. Dana Brooke is the total package, she has every right to say that because it’s true. She is Strong, Talented, Different, Smart and more. She represents the Women’s Division. But WWE wasted her by making her a slave to Charlotte. When I first saw them together I personally thought that this will be the best Tag Team in the Women’s Division. But unfortunately, WWE has made Dana into a total failure. Dana deserves so much and she is being wasted and it’s not fair and it irritates me. If you have seen her entrance you would know she is a star in the making. All WWE has to do is to give her more of a character and she’s sorted. I believe if given a chance Dana could shine and become a future star in the company. Maybe they should send her back down to NXT so she gets experience before coming back up to the main roster. In addition to this, she can put over younger talents. coming through developmental so they could be projected as big stars. The other option is for Dana to leave WWE, go out into the indie scene and for her to build herself up as a big name all over the world and then coming back a bigger star than she was before. It might take a few years, however, it has been done before. A prime example is Drew McIntyre. Who was a young star but his early WWE career didn’t work out for him so he left and came back years later to win the NXT Championship. Dana deserves more than most and should be at least in the mid-card of the Women’s division. I believe if WWE pushed Dana, she would become a credible threat. I imagine they should move her to Smackdown where she should beat Naomi and Becky Lynch two weeks in a row. After this, she should start to lay her eyes on the Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. However, every time she tries to tell Charlotte she wants a match the Riott Squad interfere. Finally, Dana has had enough of this and she decides to attack Charlotte herself making her demands known. Dana constantly tells Charlotte how she used to treat her as a slave and how she was held back by Charlotte. This would lead to Dana eventually getting her title chance. But unfortunately, the Riott Squad attack Dana causing her the match. This would lead to another match. However, Dana would think Charlotte is a coward behind the Riott Squad. This creates an extra storyline between Ruby Riott and Dana which can lead into the PPV after Charlotte drops the title to Dana as she fends off all distractions and wins the title. Anyway, Dana is a good athlete that deserves a chance, so give her a chance WWE.

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2 replies on “Wasted Talent in WWE #4”

Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
Completely agree. Sadly yet another one stuck into limbo due to creative constantly dropping the ball.
Makes me ad seeing how they dropped her angle with Charlotte. And now they are pushing the overrated Azuka and Shinzuke.


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