My Favourite Wrestler of the Year 

My favourite wrestler of the year is The Miz.

Yes you read that correctly The Miz.
The Miz has proved he can hold a championship for a long time a make it prestigious. He also has shown how good he is on the mic on multiple occasions.

Miz has been in many great feuds this year as well. His feud with John Cena was great. He buried Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack (cutting the best promo of the year in the process) and he cut the second best promo of the year when he broke the truth to John Cena and Roman Reigns leading up to No Mercy.

You might say Aj Styles has had some of the best matches of all time this year and he has. He’s had great matches with Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar and John Cena. However, Miz has played the character of a cocky heel so well that he deserves recognition and I’m going to give him that.

Yes, you can argue that he hasn’t been in any great matches but that’s not his character. His character is to run from the competition, and get a lucky win.

This why The Miz is my wrestler of the year.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

I talk and rant about Wrestling and MMA
(All image rights go to their respective companies)

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