You Have to Watch This Match 

Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate NXT 20TH December 2017
This match starts of as a technical match with both men showing submissions and great counters to those said submissions.

This eventually leads into some vicious strikes by both men with Dunne ending up victorious in that aspect.

Dunne continued to dominate the match with brutal double manipulation submissions. Dunne continuously targeted Bate’s fingers and arm. He even dislocated one of Bate’s fingers.

Dunne kept disrespecting Bate by holding his hand and kicking his face. Nonetheless, Bate was fired up by this and hit Dunne with a suplex.

As this wonderful match continued Bate carried Dunne for his patened Airplane spin three times in a row. However, Dunne kicked out.

Bate followed this with a Cesaro like suplex from the ring apron into the ring.

Next Dunne kept booting the head of Bate like he did earlier in the match. However Bate caught Dunne with a round house kick and returned the favour.

As Bate picked up Dunne, Dunne reversed at hit a Bitter End but Bate somehow kicked out.
The match continued and they both hit each other with some cold-blooded rights and lefts, with Bate getting the better of that exchange.

Bate rolled to the outside and Dunne attempted to throw him back in the ring but Bate rebounded off the rope and hit a wicked clothesline which turned Dunne inside out.

Bate jumped over the top rope to the outside after Pete Dunne thought he could get away with a count out victory. Then Bate hit Dunne with the Tyler Driver 97 but Dunne kicked out.

Bate hit Dunne with a corkscrew from the top rope but it wasn’t enough. Then Bate attempted a top rope German suplex but Dunne landed on his feet and hit a second Bitter End and pinned Bate for the 1.2.3
This might just be one of my favourite matches of all time and I recommend you watch it you have a spare half an hour.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

I talk and rant about Wrestling and MMA
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