Wasted Talent in WWE #3

Rusev made his main roster debut at the Royal Rumble in 2014. The sixth entrant in the match, Rusev was eliminated by the joint effort of four wrestlers.

After months of self-promotional videos and speeches by Rusev and his manager Lana Rusev’s return match on the main roster came on the April 7 episode of Raw, where he beat Zack Ryder in a a squash match. In May, Rusev adopted an anti-American gimmick that saw him announced as having relocated to Russia, and as having been named “Hero of the Russian Federation”.

Rusev eventually beat Sheamus for the United States Championship and held his first ever title in pro wrestling. Rusev held the US Championship for 146 days.

Since Rusev has won the US championship again but he held it just to pass it on to Roman Reigns like pass the parcel.

We skip forward to the present and Rusev is being treated like a joke with his Rusev day gimmick with Aiden English.

As much as I love everyday being Rusev Day. Rusev deserves better. I miss the old Rusev. The Rusev that had no remorse for anyone.

Furthermore, Lana has achieved nothing in the Womens division apart from being jobbed out to Naomi and fail to project Tamina as a threat so why not join them together again.

As a married couple in real life they have great chemistry. Rusev is a former United States Champion and to be honest he elevated that championship so much that it took John Cena (with his massive shovel) to bury him.

Rusev played the anti American heel so well. With Lana by his side controlling Rusev I think he could be a future WWE Champion.

Rusev is great on the mic and in the ring. You can tell he’s charismatic,funny and at 31 years of age he has a lot of time develop into a huge star.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

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