Wasted Talent in WWE #1 

This is a new series where I will talk about WWE’s most wasted talent. The first part features a man that has been mentioned a lot on my page, Sami Zayn.

Before signing with WWE, Zayn wrestled on the indie circuit under the name El Generico. This character was of a luchador from Mexico with a catchphrase of “Olé!”.Generico wrestled while masked from his debut in 2002 all the way to 2013 . Upon signing with WWE, Zayn began wrestling without a mask.

He became a two-time PWG World Champion and five-time World Tag Team Champion.

Zayn had all the potential and his talent gave him a championship match against against Adrian Neville at NXT R evolution.  He was victorious.

Now we skip foward to today and Sami Zayn and best friend Kevin Owens were just kicked off the WWE tour. This was because they didn’t listen to a creative directive on Smackdown.

Sami Zayn has shown his talent in the ring so many times but he’s always been overlooked. He hasn’t won a single championship on the main roster of WWE which, for a man with his move set, is absurd. It’s crazy to think that JINDER MAHAL has won more championships than Zayn on the main roster.

I thought Zayn’s heel turn would be for the better however it has been booked terribly. Maybe WWE should let him go. I can think of one way of save Sami’s career in WWE and that is for him to win the tag team championships with Kevin Owens.

After Survivor Series, Zayn and Owens should go on a run of demolishing tag teams on the Smackdown roster. They should work there way up to the tag champs (which should be the Uso’s). However the Uso’s expect the attack and fend them off.

Later that Smackdown, the Uso’s should be in a match and Zayn and Owens should attack them and hit a helluva kick into a pop up powerbomb. They should hold the tag titles over the Uso’s body making a statement over what they want.

The following week the Uso come out, calling out the Canadian duo. However they don’t appear. The Uso’s should finish their promo and when they go backstage, they should be instantly attacked. Thrown through tables and destroyed.

Then the PPV comes, the big match. Zayn and Owens win after a long grueling match. This should give them the attention they deserve. They would’ve also created heat from fans and I think the die hard fans would love it.

However the main question of today is will Sami Zayn leave WWE.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

I talk and rant about Wrestling and MMA
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