Will Shane McMahon turn heel?

As of late Shane’s attitude has changed. His ego gets bigger and bigger as weeks go by. It first started with the undersiege on Raw a couple of weeks ago.

He also inserted himself in the mens 5 on 5 traditional survivor series match. Some might say this is leading by example however I think it’s his ego getting bigger.

Stephanie McMahon said that Shane’s ego has always been big and this is coming into fruition in the run up to survivor series.

I think that Shane will turn heel after Survivor Series if Smackdown lose. I believe that he’ll punish everyone on his team. This will cause a feud with Daniel Bryan causing Bryan to get eventually get fired (because Shane has let his ego get the better of him) and have his long rumored move to the indie scene.

I think the Shane heel turn could be great as it would freshen up a pretty stale Smackdown. This may lead up to Shane having another match with a top star but I wouldn’t mind because I enjoyed Shane vs Aj Styles and Shane vs Kevin Owens. I would like to see Shane face Triple H because it would be nice to see the son of the chairman vs the son in law. They could make it a battle for power. However this probably won’t happen because Triple H’s wife runs Raw. The only way I can see this feud working out is by the two brands joining back together and this wouldn’t be a good idea as talent such as Sami Zayn and Cesaro would be wasted.

Anyway we’ll see what happens at Survivor Series. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

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