Five Wrestling Matches I’d Like to see Happen Soon. 

5. The Club vs The Shield
Aj Styles and Seth Rollins are two highflyers and I can see them putting on a good match against each other. These two teams are the best two factions in recent times so putting them up against each othe in a ladder match for tag team gold would probably ruin the whole arena. However it would settle the argumemt of whose better the Club or Shield.

4. Kevin Owens vs Tetsuya Naito
This match would have both men trying to cheat to win. They are both cocky heels and I would love to see them in the ring together.

3. Kurt Angle vs Aj Styles

To some Kurt Angle is the best wrestler of all time. Some say it’s Aj Styles. Why not find out the former Olympic Gold medalist Angle would represent power and Styles would represent speed. It would be great to see these guys in the ring together.

2. Mike Bailey vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Mike Bailey has proved himself in the Pro Wrestling World Cup to be a top star. His martial arts background against the strong style of Nakamura both men have devastating kicks so it would be interesting to see who comes out on top.

1. Kazuchika Okada vs John Cena

Okada is the best wrestler in NPJW and maybe in the world. He has faced likes of Nakamura and Styles. He has put on three of the best matches ever with Kenny Omega but he hasn’t faced Cena yet. The 16 time WWE World Champion has beaten many superstars in his time but is Okada too good for Cena.

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