How Sami Zayn Should Win the WWE championship.

Sami Zayn should continuously lose matches over the next weeks (maybe get screwed over.)
Feels like there is he’s gotten nowhere being Mr nice guy and looks at the career of his former best friend and rival Kevin Owens.

Sees his path to success and realises that it’s from cheating and going against the rules.

On smackdown Sami goes out for a tag match with Tye Dillinger and as Dillinger goes for a tag Sami steps down.

Leaving Dillinger to be beaten up by his opponents and to lose the match.

Sami walks back in the ring with a steel chair and looks at Dillinger as he lies on the floor in pain.

Sami hits Dillinger with a steel chair multiple times in the back and hits 2 helluva kicks and walks off with the crowd booing.

Next smackdown Sami comes out to different music and doesn’t jump around like he usually does.

As the crowd boo Sami tells them why he turned heel he talks about how the crowd forgot about him and tells them about Kevin Owens’ success.

Later in the show, WWE champ comes out and Sami comes out of nowhere attacking him.

Hits chair shots and 2 helluva kicks again he holds the WWE Championship up as the champion lies out cold in the ring.

Next week the WWE champion comes out and talks about Sami Zayn and what happened to him puts him down saying he’s weak and he’ll never make it in the business.

Sami comes out from behind and attacks the champion but the champ sees it coming and tries to hit his finisher but Sami escapes.

Both talk trash to each other as Sami walks up the ramp where Tye Dillinger comes out and throws him into the ring where the champ hits his finisher.

Next week the champ gives Sami an opportunity to fight him fairly at night of champions for the WWE title.

Sami is in a match with Dillinger later on and Sami uses the ropes as leverage to get the win.

Champ comes out and mouths you’re gonna need more than that to beat me and walks off.

Next week Sami attacks the champ as he has an interview with Renee throws him into a TV and injures the arm of the champ.

On Sunday the match Sami cheats to multiple times to get the get an advantage but the champ kicks out again and again.

After many pokes to the eyes uses weapons which were not legal the champ hits his finisher again but Sami grabs onto the ropes.

Sami bumps into the ref and the champ hits his finisher, however, the ref is knocked out.

Sami hits a low blow and a new ref is called into the match and Sami hits a  helluva kick and wins the WWE championship.

By TheWrestlingFallacy

I talk and rant about Wrestling and MMA
(All image rights go to their respective companies)

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